UTzone Stats

Individual Match Stats for laDyN [ID=19156]

Match/Player Information
Match Date Mon, 25. May 2009 at 19:27:10 Server *** UTzone.de *** TDMzone | by DNW
Match Type Team Deathmatch Admin Name Donzi.UTzone
Map Name DM-Defiance Admin Email quakenet #utzone
Mutators UTMutator_utcomp3v4b2, UT3Stats, TalkingIconMut Global Stats Disabled
Match Limit 60 Score / 20 minutes Translocator Disabled
Difficulty Experienced No. Players 13
Netspeed 10000 Avg. Ping 36 ms

Match Summary
Rank Frags Kills Deaths Suicides Efficiency Avg. FPH Avg. TTL Time Sprees
13 -1 0 0 1 0.0% -134.4 13.4 0.4 0 0 0 0 0 0

Special Events
Category Value Category Value Category Value Category Value
First Blood No Head Shots 0 Roadkills 0    
Double Kills 0 Multi Kills 0 Mega Kills 0 Ultra Kills 0
Monster Kills 0 Ludicrous Kills 0 Holy Shit Kills 0 Failed Transloc 0
Headhunter No Flak Monkey No Combo Whore No Road Rampage No

Combos Used
Speed 0 Booster 0 Invisible 0 Berzerk 0

Weapon Specific Information
Weapon Frags Primary Kills Secondary Kills Deaths From Deaths Holding Suicides Eff.

Weapon Accuracy Information
Weapon Shots Fired Hits Damage Accuracy
Flak Cannon 4 1 18 25.0%

Vehicle and Turret Specific Information
Vehicle/Turret Frags Primary Kills Secondary Kills Road Kills Deaths From Suicides

Type Suicides
Suicided 1

Player Specific Kills and Deaths
Opponent Kills Deaths Efficiency Opponent Kills Deaths Efficiency

No Killing Sprees

Total Items Picked Up By Type
Item Type No. Item Type No. Item Type. No.
Flak Cannon 1 Shock Rifle 1 Shock Rifle Ammo 1

Connection Log
Time Status
0.3 Match Start
3.1 Connected
3.5 Disconnected
14.9 Match Ended