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Chat Log for *** UTzone.de *** Fraggzone TAM | by DNW - DM-TAM-Sekhmets-Tomb-alpha
on Thu, 21. Jan 2010 at 2:43:21
Minutes Player Text
-0.87 Donzi.TV Connected
-0.87 Donzi.TV Team Change to Red Team
-0.73 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Connected
-0.73 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Team Change to Blue Team
0.00 Game Start
0.62 Red Team Scored Frag!
0.62 Donzi.TV Killed DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone with a Lightning Gun
3.42 Red Team Scored Frag!
3.42 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Suicided with a DamType_Camping
3.52 Donzi.TV Suicided
3.52 Donzi.TV Disconnected
3.60 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Suicided
3.60 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Disconnected
4.12 Game Ended

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