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Chat Log for *** UTzone.de *** 1on1 | by Donzi.TV - DM-1on1-Aerowalk
on Sat, 20. Jul 2019 at 21:18:59
Minutes Player Text
-10.18 First_Love! Connected
-10.16 SirSlipperySlurp Connected
0.00 Game Start
0.00 Game Start
8.90 First_Love! Killed SirSlipperySlurp with a Rocket Launcher
9.50 First_Love! Killed SirSlipperySlurp with a Bio Rifle
9.94 SirSlipperySlurp Suicided with a Flak Cannon
11.39 SirSlipperySlurp Suicided
11.39 SirSlipperySlurp Disconnected
11.49 First_Love! Suicided
11.49 First_Love! Disconnected
16.50 Game Ended - Time Limit

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