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Chat Log for *** UTzone.de *** Fraggzone TAM | by DNW - DM-Under_LE2
on Sat, 27. Oct 2018 at 14:49:26
Minutes Player Text
-43077.78 sziszkomitra-HUN Connected
-43077.78 sziszkomitra-HUN Team Change to Red Team
-43077.78 sziszkomitra-HUN Disconnected
-39255.61 dest][seb Connected
-39255.61 dest][seb Team Change to Red Team
-39255.23 dest][seb Disconnected
-1437.46 Player Connected
-1437.46 Player Team Change to Red Team
-1436.86 Player Disconnected
-1.01 Lopata Connected
-1.01 Lopata Team Change to Red Team
0.00 Game Start
0.94 Blue Team Scored Frag!
1.57 Blue Team Scored Frag!
2.00 Game Ended - Map Change

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