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Chat Log for *** UTzone.de *** 1on1 | by DNW - DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E
on Wed, 01. May 2013 at 23:05:38
Minutes Player Text
-0.57 ScrMz!* Connected
-0.57 _BaSS3_KiCK' Connected
-0.47 torretts syndrome
-0.44 had enough btw
-0.29 playing since 20:00
-0.28 wtf where's Iro?!
-0.14 hax
-0.09 i am playing 3 hours
-0.01 okay
0.00 Game Start
0.01 crazy sort
0.01 he is obviously better :D
0.06 _BaSS3_KiCK' i need more practice
0.12 ScrMz!* does anyone play quake
0.16 _BaSS3_KiCK' Disconnected
0.24 ScrMz!* i wanna play quake
0.29 _BaSS3_KiCK' i play quakelive abit
0.38 i just created an account
0.41 ScrMz!* wanna play?
0.57 _BaSS3_KiCK' what u play
0.59 _BaSS3_KiCK' ca?
0.64 but never played lol
0.71 ScrMz!* no duel ;p
0.84 quake isnt for you bro.... to much spam fest
0.86 _BaSS3_KiCK' heh, never played that
0.91 began with q3 scrmz?
1.04 _BaSS3_KiCK' i got account since 2009
1.09 _BaSS3_KiCK' and only CA xD
1.11 ScrMz!* i did play a bit of q3 yeah
1.41 ScrMz!* yeh i got it too since like 2009
1.61 ScrMz!* was playing very active first year
1.76 ScrMz!* and then just stopped, now i feel like playing again
1.99 _BaSS3_KiCK' i dont have premium
2.16 ScrMz!* ah no use then
2.17 _BaSS3_KiCK' but, i usually send pm to some players
2.31 ScrMz!* they pretty much forced prem now
2.34 _BaSS3_KiCK' and they can add me to their server
2.66 ScrMz!* u should join #qlfun
2.74 ScrMz!* its some ut players
2.83 ScrMz!* playing ql sometimes
2.94 ScrMz!* not alot of ppl but
3.09 ScrMz!* pretty fun
3.49 _BaSS3_KiCK' ok, will see
3.61 i hate epic games... id sofware hear they comunity
3.71 _BaSS3_KiCK' how much is premium?
3.73 and ql isnt bad
4.01 _BaSS3_KiCK' they put like payment each month or something
4.26 ScrMz!* u can pay for one month too
4.33 ScrMz!* thats what i did
4.39 ScrMz!* to see if ill play again
4.44 ScrMz!* its 4eu
4.78 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Connected
4.79 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Disconnected
4.84 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone Connected
4.84 hoe about shoot mania?
4.88 ScrMz!* Suicided with a Shock Rifle
4.92 _BaSS3_KiCK' i think thats bullshit
4.94 ScrMz!* ew
4.99 _BaSS3_KiCK' to expensive
5.08 thats so shit
5.16 _BaSS3_KiCK' why cant i buy cd key like in normal game
5.21 _BaSS3_KiCK' and play.....
5.34 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone did u play AS-trials ??
5.53 ScrMz!* cause ID manages all servers i guess thats why
5.58 ScrMz!* but its stupid
5.69 ScrMz!* no didnt play trial
5.81 cuz... 4 eur every month is better than one paid
5.92 ScrMz!* its not a month
5.94 ScrMz!* like
6.01 ScrMz!* for only one month
6.06 ScrMz!* its more expensive
6.11 ScrMz!* 4 euro
6.21 ScrMz!* but if u pay for a year its like
6.22 ScrMz!* 25
6.61 ScrMz!* i just didnt want to waste it if ill just stop playing
6.66 ScrMz!* so did one month
7.16 ScrMz!* wanna see a funny jump
7.29 ye
7.33 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone lol
7.36 if you can do it yes
7.51 ^ LOL
7.53 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone o0
7.56 _BaSS3_KiCK' i know all rankin jumps
7.58 _BaSS3_KiCK' xD
7.64 ScrMz!* i promise u
7.67 ScrMz!* u do not
7.69 ScrMz!* :D
7.72 not all xD
7.72 ScrMz!* i found one
7.83 ScrMz!* vote rank
7.86 who won last game? afk
7.88 _BaSS3_KiCK' i played demo before
7.97 _BaSS3_KiCK' i know all places u can go
8.01 _BaSS3_KiCK' bugs
8.03 _BaSS3_KiCK' etc
8.06 _BaSS3_KiCK' xD
8.07 i told you that trick :(
8.12 vote
8.18 ScrMz!* yeah
8.21 DNW.sÀtÁñ.UTzone scrmz has every meet a new jump on rank... rankin is so... think what you want :D
8.26 Game Ended - Map Change

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